The Storry behind Midtcon

You are about to read the storry about Midtcon, what the original idear was and what happend from there.

The whole idea came into being in a basement.

The idea behind Midtcon occurred when 2 board game nerds Niels Haarh and Tommy Nielsen, one evening sat during their weekly x-wing game in Nielses basement.

The first idea was to make an event that would benefit cancer research and fight cancer. That's why Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) was contacted but here we met nothing but resistance.
Then the idea was to make a regional in x-wing and the whole event was primarily intended for the Star Wars universe.
In the fall of 2017, the first meeting with the Østfjendshallen was held around the event and we booked the date immediately for the following year.

The first partners are found

Subsequently, the people behind Midtcon entered into a collaboration with Mønsted IF around the event.
During the preparation of the first plan, we became aware that a regional would not fill the place in any way, even if we filled in all the star wars games we could think about.
That's why we expanded the event to count the 6 games at that time currently on the program.

With joint help, we managed to get sponsors for the event and thus lift it to a whole new level.
Thus, in the spring of 2018, cooperation was entered into with Valkyrie Games, where we found here together with Arnold Busk, a fantastic partner who puted in the same effort and work in the convention as we did.

Trough Valkyrie games and Michael Christensen and Lene Mark we got in tuch with a lot of experinced tournament organisers.

The first Midtcon

The first convention took place on November 11-12 2018, at the same weekend there was Aroscon wish was not our intention to put it in the same weekend.

It was not the best start, but Midtcon got a great reputation from the players who was there, and the eventmakers could tell that a regional in Armada, Imperial Assault and Destiny was to take place in Feburary 2019.

During the event there was also stream from Reload Entertainment who made a great job and showed Midtcon to the whole world in a great way.

A special thanks to Nexus in Herning who provided terrain for the table top games at the event.

For the event the eventmakers gave away 2 price of horner wish was given to Kasper Skovbjerg Hansen for his ekstra ordinary effort to make a tournament in only 2 weeks.

The other price of horner was given to Flemmin Pyro Engberg for his ekstraordinary entusiasme and help to make the event going.

With out these people and all the other volenteers Midtcon would never be posible to make.

The second Midtcon

In the weekend the 10-11 of february 2019 the second Midtcon took place.

This was the time when Arnold Busk broke their sponsorship to Midtcon.

Happily we had the regional kits and the regionals in all the star wars ffg games took place exept x-wing.

At this con there where more games then ever before and thanks to our cooporation with 40K Aarhus we could make a nice Warhammer 40K tournament in ITC style.

This con was also the con where Midtcon  Pictures and Midtcon Television was born.

Of course there was the stream but we had to try to take the games to the next level.

This was done with help from Jesper Nielsen who invented the Midtcon Television wish is a thing where players can explain their game to others and put words to thir hobby.

At this con the price of horner was given to Dennis Riise Rasmussen for his outstanding work making the website for free.
Dennis has supportet the idear about Midtcon and the non profit agreement in this event.

The Third Midtcon.

This is now or at least in a few weeks.

This is the third con and there will be more then 160 players ind different games.

At this con there will be a danish master in warmachines, a etc qualifier for AOS and a warm up tournament for the comming ETC qualifier at aroscon.

If you have not bought your ticket yet the time is now.


Midtcon is build on voluntary forces, it is a non profit game convention.

The money is used to make better terrain, buying new game mats, trophys etc.

The exess from the con goes to Mønsted IF to make better conditions for children making sports, esports or playing table top games at Mønsted IF.

All tournament organisers, moviepeople, eventmakers and volenters are there unpayed and has used a lot of hours to make the best for you as a player.

So when you meet your torunamet organiser or you go for our sponsers remember to give them a specail thanks.

With out these companys, tournament organisers, volenteers from Mønsted IF, movie people or photographas this would never had been.

So remember that they have done this for you and your hobby but did not get payed for it so please thank them.


See you soon.



Niels and Tommy


Let the games begin